One of the most vertically integrated companies in the Medical Textile Business.

The ROYAL Medical Textiles Manufacturing PLC is designed to function in the production of medical dressing items from textile related items from fabric yarns and cotton.

Aiming to produce…

About Us

ROYAL Medical Textiles Manufacturing PLC is established at Mekelle Industrial Park Center which is one of the export industrial processing zones of the country and it is highly assisting the national health institutions demand. The RMTM PLC is fully equipped with the latest technology produced automated high speed machineries and equipment that will function continuously. 

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Quality Products

The medical dressing textile products of ROYAL Manufacturing Company are mainly absorbent surgical cotton, different sizes gauze and bandages, gauze swap, surgical gauze, elastic bandages, grey clothes, gauze sponges, including medical taps and adhesive plasters with different sizes at best quality which all are daily demanded by all health institutions. 

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The technology and machineries are the first of its kind in Ethiopia producing quality products with outstanding environmental protection status. 

Our Main Products

The products such as the surgical cotton gauzes and bandages of different sizes are medical articles made of cotton yarn. The different types of Gauzes and Bandages are single jersey fabrics produced as a network of vertical Knitted-Wales joined together by the connecting cross-bindings and used to cover a wound hold dressing in place of immobilize an injured part.

  • Gauze Sponges

  • Medical Tapes

  • Non-woven Sponges

  • Alcohol Pads

  • Cotton-tipped Applicators

  • Bandages and Dressings

  • Medical & KN95 Face Masks

  • Gauze Rolls

  • Suture Removal Kits

  • Medical Gloves

  • Medical Drapes

  • Absorbent Cotton

Special Initiatives

ROYAL Medical Textile Manufacturing PLC although aimed at the manufacturing and production of medical gauze, surgical gauze, and adhesive plasters it has also taken super commitment and initiatives for the manufacturing of Medical Health Care Particulate Respirators and Medical Surgical Masks such as Surgical Masks, Standard Masks, and N95Masks. Currently due to COVID-19 Model 1500 N95 Series Healthcare Particulate Respirator Face Masks, N95Medical Face Masks and Surgical Medical Face Mask are highly demanded worldwide at huge quantity and quality, including in Ethiopia where the Ministry of Health has requested over 100 million surgical Medical and N95 Medical face masks. 

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